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Wish List

  • Paper Towels/Toilet Paper

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Dish Detergent/Soap

  • Personal Hygiene Products

    • Hair Shampoo/Conditioner

    • Body Wash

    • Deodorant

    • Body Lotion

    • Hand Lotion

    • Toothpaste/Brushes

    • Hairbrushes

    • Socks

    • Feminine Products

For more information, please call 269-873-3750.

Abigail’s Palace is a program of Latter Rain Outreach.

  • House Slippers

  • Personal Journals

  • Board Games

  • Adult Coloring Books

  • Coloring Pencils/Pens

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Dish Towels

  • Kleenex

  • Bottled Water



Your donation makes it possible for us to provide free community services to individuals suffering from substance use throughout Kalamazoo County. Your generosity also supports life skills training, strengthening families, healthy alternatives, positive and recovery interactions.

Make checks payable to:

Latter Rain Outreach

Mailing Address: 1011 Cooper Ave Kalamazoo, MI 49048

We sincerely appreciate your financial support. Donations are Tax-deductible; please consult your tax advisor before making donations.